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Service Focus illuminates the wide range of service-related courses at Princeton, helping you build on your service commitments to shape your own unique academic trajectory. Participation in a service-related course enables you to gain a deepened understanding of service and encourages connections between service experiences and intellectual pursuits. To that end, and to reflect the diversity of interests and schedules, students may choose a service-related course through a variety of options. 

Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship Course

Courses supported by the Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship (ProCES) may include community-based research, volunteer service linked with coursework, historical and theoretical reflections on service, or content that helps you explore and formulate responses to pressing societal issues. Courses recommended for Service Focus can be found on the ProCES website as indicated with a Service Focus icon. 

Petition a Course

You may also petition for another course offered in Fall 2018 to fulfill the service-related course requirement. To petition:

  1. Select a course that you think would allow you to build on your summer internship experience (or wider service interests) in a meaningful way.

  2. Enroll in the course you want to take.

  3. Fill out the Service Focus Course Petition form by midnight May 6. The form will ask for course information and a short explanation of how the course would build on your summer internship experience or further your service interests.

  4. You will receive confirmation on your course selection by May 21 (in time for the spring drop/add period).

Students may also elect to take a service-related course in Spring 2019 instead of Fall 2018. If you elect to do this, you will receive additional guidance on selection or petition before the Spring 2019 enrollment period. 

For any questions about the Service Focus course selection process, please reach out to Director of Service Focus Yi-Ching Ong, or Program Coordinators Kira O’Brien or Meg Rooney


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“For me, service is essential because it offers a powerful way to connect with different communities. It's about giving back, but it's also about learning and respect.”

— Anna Macknick ’21