Independent Projects

Service Focus Winter Grants 

2021-2022 Overview

Applications for 2021-2022 Service Focus Winter Grants are open! Apply HERE

For its second year, the Service Focus Winter Grant program calls upon students to pursue service work, inspired by their internships, courses, and cohorts, that will fill existing community need(s). Current Service Focus sophomores are eligible to apply for a micro-grant to support small-scale service projects in partnership with an existing community organization to be completed between December 21 and January 24. Projects may be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of the two. Grant recipients will receive up to $750 to support their projects ($250 to compensate students for their time, $250 to compensate community partners for their time, and up to $250 to purchase necessary materials). The specific allocation of the $750 may vary depending on the needs of the proposed project.

2020-2021 Overview

COVID-19 has kept most Princeton students off-campus through Fall 2020. Though challenging in many ways, this has opened up the opportunity for Service Focus students to engage in their own communities in new and exciting ways. To support local service engagement in a time of great need, Service Focus Winter Grants were created to support short-term impactful student projects in partnership with local community partners, to be completed during winter break. 23 current Service Focus students applied for and received grants to support their local service engagement. Grant recipients received up to $750 to support their projects, with $250 to student time, $250 honoraria for community partner’s time, and up to $250 for necessary materials.

See the 2020-2021 participant list HERE 

Service Focus COVID-19 Response Grants 

Service Focus COVID-19 Response Grants were developed to support Service Focus students as they responded to the urgent needs of the world. COVID-19 has deeply affected every aspect of our society - from healthcare to hunger, to housing, education, racism, sexism, economic justice and beyond. Existing inequalities and injustices have only been exacerbated by this crisis. With many internship plans canceled due the pandemic, Service Focus students were given the opportunity to propose an independent project or internship position that would have a direct impact on the current crisis. 66 Service Focus students and alumni received $1,500 grants to support about 100 hours of work completed during the summer 2020. Grant recipients received mentorship from Service Focus COVID-19 Project Mentors throughout the planning and implementation of their projects. 

See participant list HERE

Service Focus Student-Led Projects 

During the 2019-2020 academic year, 7 students piloted our independent project grant program. Most student's project were unfortunately interrupted by COVID-19 but the experience made our future student-led project initiatives possible.