Monica Dobrinoiu

Hi everyone! My name is Monica and I am a junior in the Physics department, originally from Bucharest, Romania, and this year I am the proud Junior Fellow of the Service Focus Education and Access cohort. On campus, I also serve as a Peer Academic Adviser for Wilson College, a SHARE Peer, one of the Student Coordinators of the Butler/Wilson dining hall and a Senior tutor for McGraw. As a sophomore, I was a part of the Food Justice cohort of SF and had a wonderful time learning about food access and its role in the cycle of poverty. As a Junior Fellow, I hope to help my mentees think about complex questions and develop a better understanding of what our role as Princeton students is in the education . You will 90% of the time find me either in the dining hall, in Jadwin or in Colonial, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions at any time - I am always down for coffee!