Sam Wang

Professor of Neuroscience
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A55 PNI - Neuroscience Institute

Sam Wang is a professor of neuroscience at Princeton University. In his biophysics and neuroscience research, he uses probability and statistics to analyze complex experimental data, and has published over eighty papers using these approaches. His research program concerns how the brain learns from experience in adulthood and development, with a special emphasis on autism. He is also the author of two popular books, the prizewinning Welcome To Your Brain, and a second book on child brain and mental development, Welcome To Your Child’s Brain, which have been translated into over 20 languages. In 2015 Sam Wang was appointed to the New Jersey Governor’s Council on the Medical Research and Treatment of Autism by Governor Chris Christie. Outside of his groundbreaking research in neuroscience, Prof. Wang is also noted for pioneering the use of statistical methods to aggregate U.S. presidential election polls. His research has been featured by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and National Public Radio. His blog, the Princeton Election Consortium, has recorded over five million visits. Prof. Wang also co-hosts a Princeton University-sponsored podcast, Politics and Polls, with Professor Julian Zelizer. He is also founder of the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, a nonpartisan project that uses law and statistics to understand and prevent partisan abuse of redistricting. His proposed standards were published in the Stanford Law Review, and have been recognized by Common Cause.