Sebastian Ramirez

Associate Research Scholar, Global Health Program
(609) 258-6987
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119 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Sebastian Ramirez received a BA from Queens College CUNY in Anthropology and Psychology and a PhD in Anthropology from Princeton University. His research among internally displaced persons in his native Colombia explores the role of healthcare services in efforts to remake ideas of home and citizenship in the aftermath of violence. His dissertation elucidates how official networks  of aid and restitution for victims of the war are remade in the everyday efforts of the uprooted to claim their rights and remake their lives. He is starting a second project that investigates how survivors of social cleansing campaigns forge mental health support networks through artistic projects that commemorate the loss of family and friends.  Dr. Ramírez Hernandez also served as a Service Focus faculty mentor in 2019-20, co-mentoring the Health and Care cohort with Prof. João Biehl.