Toyosi Oluwole

Hello everyone! My name is Toyosi Oluwole. I am a Junior Fellow in the Identity and Difference Cohort currently studying Medical Anthropology (pre-med). I was born and raised in Chicago (the best city in the world), and I love watching movies and reading fantasy novels. On campus, I am also the DoroBucci social chair and a Forbes PAA. I’m very excited to be a fellow this year and have the opportunity to serve as a mentor and a resource. My  experiences in Service Focus with the Health & Care cohort was ultimately the reason why I wanted to be a Fellow. I appreciated the mentorship I received from the two junior mentors in the group, as they allowed their own experiences as students to provide relatable insights and advice that was conducive to my own engagement in service. I hope to similarly present myself as this intermediate resource between the faculty and cohort supervisor, and engage in meaningful dialogue and service with my cohort. I’m so excited to meet everyone,including those outside my cohort, and feel free to chat with me anytime!