Junior Fellow

  • Dimitris Ntaras

    Hi! I’m Dimitris. I’m a junior in the Anthropology department planning to focus in Global Health, and this year I serve as a Junior Fellow for the Sustainability cohort. Throughout my Princeton experience, from the time I took my first global health course to my last summer experience - when I started a company to help facilitate access to clean water for more people, my work has been centered around the intersection of environment and health.

  • Chitra Parikh

    Hi! My name is Chitra, and I’m a junior from central Jersey. I’m concentrating in Architecture with a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy. On campus, outside of Service Focus, I’m involved with the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Naacho Dance Company. During my free time, I love to dance and take random walks around campus. This year, as a Junior Fellow, I’m excited to continue exploring how we can better integrate service into our own, unique identities on campus.

  • Scott Overbey

    Scott Overbey is a junior from Cincinnati, OH majoring in Economics with certificates in Statistics/Machine Learning, Political Economy, and Urban Studies. He is the Junior Fellow for the Democracy and Representation cohort as he is interested in how government functions and responds to public demands, especially when it comes to policy areas such as poverty and inequality where marginalized groups may not have an effective means to voice their concerns.

  • Monica Dobrinoiu

    Hi everyone! My name is Monica and I am a junior in the Physics department, originally from Bucharest, Romania, and this year I am the proud Junior Fellow of the Service Focus Education and Access cohort. On campus, I also serve as a Peer Academic Adviser for Wilson College, a SHARE Peer, one of the Student Coordinators of the Butler/Wilson dining hall and a Senior tutor for McGraw. As a sophomore, I was a part of the Food Justice cohort of SF and had a wonderful time learning about food access and its role in the cycle of poverty.

  • Toyosi Oluwole

    Hello everyone! My name is Toyosi Oluwole. I am a Junior Fellow in the Identity and Difference Cohort currently studying Medical Anthropology (pre-med). I was born and raised in Chicago (the best city in the world), and I love watching movies and reading fantasy novels. On campus, I am also the DoroBucci social chair and a Forbes PAA. I’m very excited to be a fellow this year and have the opportunity to serve as a mentor and a resource. My  experiences in Service Focus with the Health & Care cohort was ultimately the reason why I wanted to be a Fellow.

  • Temitope Oshinowo

    As a John C. Bogle’51 Fellow in Civic Service, Temitope spent her freshman summer working with the St. Peter’s Hospital ALS Regional Center in Albany, NY. There, she focused on fundraising and advocacy to drive forward the organization’s mission of providing ALS patients and families with holistic care and support. For her Service Focus class in spring 2019, she took “Medical Anthropology” with Joao Biehl, the Susan Dod Brown Professor of Anthropology, and co-director of the Program in Global and Health Policy, and Onur Gunay, a lecturer in anthropology.

  • Jimin Kang

    Hi everyone! I'm a junior in the Spanish & Portuguese department planning on getting certificates in Journalism, Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies. As part of the Service Focus program, I spent the summer before my sophomore year working for a non-profit food politics publication called The New Food Economy, where I wrote stories about anything from 'summer hunger' among low-income schoolchildren in the United States to the absurd abundance of national food holidays.

  • Remy Reya

    Hi! I’m Remy. I’m a junior from the faraway land of San Diego, California; at Princeton, I’m studying Public Policy and pursuing certificates in Journalism and Values & Public Life. On campus, I sing a cappella with the Footnotes, produce radio pieces for the WPRB 103.3 News and Culture Team, and volunteer at the HomeFront Family Shelter in Trenton. My involvement with the Pace Center began as a Bogle Fellow during the summer after my freshman year, during which I worked at a criminal defense firm in San Diego and sang with a homeless chorus.

  • Kate Schassler

    Kate Schassler is a junior in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, studying the implications of the built environment, environmental injustices, and mitigating/understanding human impact through the politics and ethics of place. Included in her academic interests include environmental, urban, and American studies. Last year Kate was a member of the Visuality and Representation cohort lead by Professor Jeff Whetstone. This summer, she worked on campus in the Form Finding Lab with Professor Adrianssens furthering a project in dynamic storm surge barriers.

  • Grace Collins

    Grace Collins is a Politics concentrator from Camden-Wyoming, Delaware who's pursuing certificates in African Studies and Ancient Roman Language & Culture. This summer, Grace was on an IIP in Buyobo, Uganda working with Women's Microfinance Initiative, a nonprofit that connects rural women to financial capital in order to enhance their entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as teaching music at Buyobo Primary School.

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