Senior Fellow

  • Mary Davis

    Mary Davis is the Senior Fellow for the Civil Society Cohort of Service Focus. She has been involved in Service Focus since sophomore year when she was a student member in the Health & Care Cohort. After sophomore year, she worked with on political campaign of epidemiologist Natalia Linos, with the financial support of a Service Focus Grant. Her junior year, she was a Junior Fellow in the Health & Public Policy Cohort. Now in her senior year at Princeton, Mary is studying Molecular Biology, with a focus on using computational tools to better understand bacterial genetics.

  • Ilya Yatsishin

    Ilya is a Senior Fellow in the Health and Care Cohort from Ohio. He is concentrating in Chemical and Biological Engineering and on a pre-medical track with certificates in Global Health and Health Policy and Engineering Biology.

  • Hanying Jiang

    Hanying is a Senior Fellow for the Education & Access Cohort, and has been with the cohort since her sophomore year. She is majoring in Politics with a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning.

  • Maya V. Mishra

    Maya Mishra is the senior fellow for the Sustainability Cohort. This is her third year with the program, spending two years previously with the Food & Farming Cohort. She is an Ecology & Evolutionary Biology major who is interested in the application of space technology to service back on Earth, including food growth systems and medical advancements.

  • Ritvik Agnihotri

    Ritvik Agnihotri is a Senior who has been with Service Focus since his sophomore year. He started as a cohort member for the sustainability cohort and, due to his appreciation for the cohort's work, became a Junior Fellow for the cohort. Now, he is a Senior Fellow for the Public Interest Technology cohort. Outside of Service Focus, he is involved with Engineers Without Borders, Princeton Powerlifting, MAE Student Council, Princeton Racing Electric, and Ultraviolet Studio.

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